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Graphite Is As Important As Carbon Material


Graphite Is As Important As Carbon Material2014-01-17
As its name explains, compared with the extruded graphite and amorphous graphite, the carbon element is a kind of element. The carbon element is not only a kind of element, but also is one of the common elements for us. That is to say that we can see it here and there at any time. To be specific, the carbon element exists widely in many forms. And the carbon element with many forms can be in the atmosphere and can be in the earth's crust. In other words, we can not live without carbon element. Even we can not get away from the carbon element. There are a number of carbon elements around us here and there.
Speaking of the carbon forms , they were realized and used by us a long long time ago. So we have researched and developed them for a great many of years. Up to now, we have understood that the organic compound is the basis of our life. Such kind of organic compound belongs to a series of carbon compounds. So we are all amazed at the power of carbon forms.
What's more, not only the carbon is one of the ingredients for pig iron and wrought iron but also the carbon is one of the ingredients for the steel. That's because the carbon can form a geat many of compounds. Such kind of formation is made by using self binding in chemical. In addition, the carbon is the most important molecular in biological and commercial. In a word, the carbon element exists in most of molecules. Such kind of molecules is in the organism.
Generally speaking, the carbon compounds can be got from the fossil fuels. After we get the carbon compounds, we can furtherly do the separation for the carbon compounds. Next, if we go a step further, we should synthesis the carbon compounds. At last, we can get all kinds of production. Such kind of production not only can meet our demandings on producing, but also can meet our demanding on daily life. Such productions can be included the ethylene, plastics and so on.
In contrast, there are also some products which are made of graphite instead of carbon element, such as the graphite electrode paste and the bipolar graphite plate. What's more, the pencil core is also made of graphite. As a result, we can draw a conclusion that both the graphite and carbon element are useful and important for us. We should make better use of them because we can not live without them.