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Graphite, a useful material in industry


Graphite, a useful material in industry2014-02-14
There are many using applications for graphite. First, it can be as the fireproofing. Due to its high properties of high temperature resistance and high strength, in the metallurgical industry it mainly is used to manufacture the graphite crucible, and the protective agent of steel ingot in steel making. Besides, it can be made of conducting material, which is used to manufacture the electrode, carbon brush, rods, tubes and the positive pole of inverter, phone parts as well as the tube coating of television coating. In mechanical industry it has always been used as lubricant.

Graphite possesses good chemical stability. The graphite after special processing possesses many characteristics such as corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity, and low permeability and so on. In addition, it can be used as casting, aluminum casting and high temperature metallurgical materials. What's more, it is applied in atomic energy industry and national defense industry.

In European, over 90% the electrode material is the graphite. Cooper, a kind of electrode material that has once been dominant, its advantage will disappear completely compared with graphite. Compared with cooper, graphite has nearly occupied unstoppable advantages as many as possible.

Compared with copper, the processing speed of graphite is much faster. Generally speaking, the mechanical processing speed of graphite is 2 to 5 times faster than that of cooper. Secondly speaking, the weight of graphite is lighter than that of cooper. The density of graphite is one fifth of cooper, which will efficiently reduce the Graphite curcible for Laboratory of big machine, more suitable for the application of large die mould. Besides, its discharge consumption is smaller. Because of spark oil also containing atoms, when the electric discharge is processing, the atom of spark oil will be disposed under high temperature, and thus forming a layer of protective film, compensating the consumption of graphite electrode material. In addition, such material contains no burr. As the copper material will have to manually repair to remove the burr after the process finished, compared with this, there will be no burr of graphite after the processing. It is this incomparable advantage that made graphite gradually take place of cooper, says Semiconductor manufacturer.

With the constant development of science and technology, human have developed many new applications of graphite. Flexible graphite products, polishing agent and Calcined Anthracite and Graphite PG disc, all these products are in great need of graphite now. So, no wonder that there is a huge developing prospect for graphite in future.