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We Can Find Graphite Here And There


We Can Find Graphite Here And There2014-02-21
Speaking of graphite, the flexible graphite products should be focused on first. Generally speaking, the flexible graphite is also called the expanded graphite. Speaking of the expanded graphite, it is a kinds of graphite product which is developed not very long ago. As we know, graphite tube also  belongs to graphite products.
As for flexible graphite material, it is United States of America that successfully developed the sealing material. Of course, this kind of sealing materil is made of the flexible graphite. After the sealing material made of flexible graphite is researched successfully, the leakage problem is also be resolved correspondly. Such kind of leakage problem is about the<strong> n</strong>uclear power valve. For example, the graphite ring can be used to resolve the leakage problem of nuclear power valve. Soon afterwards, not only,the sealing material which is made of the flexible graphite is developed and producted in Germany, but also the sealing material which is made of the flexible graphite is also developed and produced in Japan and France. As a matter of fact, the sealing material which is made of flexibel graphite has some unique characteristics. That is to say the graphite materials not only have the characteristic of natural graphite, but also have characteristics of flexible and elastic.
As a result, the graphite is a kind of ideal sealing material. So the graphite is not only widely used in the industrial field of the petroleum chemical, but also widely used in the industrial field of atomic energy. For example, we can find graphite bearing in the bearing market.What's more, the international market demand is increasing every year.
In addition, in the field of light industry, not only the graphite is also used as polishing agent , but also the graphite is used as antirust agent. Such kind of usage is mainly in the field of glass and paper. In a word, the graphite is a kind of essential raw material for making pencil, ink, black paint, printing ink and man- made diamond, diamond and so on. Besides, the graphite is also a kind of product which has characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection. In the United States of America, the graphite has been used for car battery. With the development of modern science technology and industry, the application of graphite is in the expanding. The graphite has become the raw material for making advanced composite material in the field of high technology. At the same time, the graphite plays an important role in the national economy.