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The Amazing Graphite World Will Surprise You


The Amazing Graphite World Will Surprise You2014-02-28
Are you enthusiastic about researching graphite?Or are you bored with talking about graphite? Are you familiar with expanded graphite? Maybe you are amazed at graphite tube.You must believe that the graphite is similar to carbon. It is sure that they have some similarities. That is to say they are similar in some aspects,but not quite the same.
With the development of science and technology, some new uses about the graphite have been developed by people. Such kinds of new uses are included many aspects. For example,the graphite ring and the graphite bearing can be used in industrial field.
Because the graphite is widely used in the industry, even in almost every industry. In fact, the graphite which is used in the industrial field by us is called man made graphite. Such kind of man made graphite is also called special graphite.
However, according to the different shaping methods of graphite, the graphite can be divided into three types. The first one type we should talk about is called isostatic graphite. The second type we should discuss is named graphite mould. We give the third one type of graphite name as extruded graphite.
According to the particle size of graphite, we can also divide the graphite into three types. By this means, there are fine structure graphite, coarse graphite and electrode graphite included. Speaking of the coarse graphite, the particle size of graphite is around zero point eight millimeter. In contrast, there is nothing like the coarse graphite, the particle size of the electrode graphite is between two millimeters and four millimeters.
By means of industrial classification, the graphite ore can be divided into two types. One is called amorphous graphite ore, the other one is called stable crystalline. To be specific, the amorphous graphite ore is in the shape of flake, however, the stable crystalline ore is in the shape of soil. Generally speaking, the amorphous graphite is also divided into flake shape and dense shape. In China, flake crystal is the main type for graphite ore, however, the cryptocrystalline type is next in importance. The dense crystalline graphite is found in individual deposit like Trafigura Bula in Xinjiang province. The dense crystalline graphite is with little value.
Above all, the graphite has a big family. There are many family members with the graphite. You must be impressed with the graphite classifications. And you must look forward to knowing more about graphite. Just do it!