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Current Situation of Pharmaceutical Intermediates in China and Their Important Role


Current Situation of Pharmaceutical Intermediates in China and Their Important Role2014-03-14
As normal person, who can promise he suffers no pain, no disease throughout the whole life and has no need to take any medicine? I dare say no one can say “yes, I can”. In the last decades, advances in medical technology have made it possible for people to live longer than in the past. We are now enjoying various benefits that medicine brings to us.
However, as general people, we only know that what medicine is aimed at what kind of disease, but have no knowledge of Pharmaceutical Intermediates which plays essential role in medicine. So what are pharmaceutical intermediates and how they perform?
The so-called pharmaceutical intermediates, in fact, are some chemical raw materials and chemical products for drug synthesis process. These chemical products have no pharmaceutical production license and can be used in synthesis of drugs.
There are many kinds of pharmaceutical intermediates, among which, Sulfadiazine Zinc and Sulfadiazine Silver are the most common one. Throughout the industry, currently, China's pharmaceutical intermediates production has six major characteristics following:
(a)     Manufacturing enterprises have flexible manage way and not big investment scale, basically from millions to 100 million to 200 million RMB;
(b)     Regional distribution is concentrated production enterprises, mainly in Zhejiang and Jiangsu;
(c)     As the country is becoming more and more attention to environmental problems, pressure of production enterprise to treat facilities is enlarging;
(d)     The fast updating speed of products drives these enterprises to develop new products and improve manufacturing technique to keep higher production profit;
(e)     Since production profit of pharmaceutical intermediates is higher than chemical products, and their production process is basically the same, so more and more small-sized enterprises are joining, which directly result in increasingly fierce industry competition;
(f)      Compared to bulk pharmaceutical chemicals, production of intermediates is lower; therefore, many enterprises are using their own advantages to produce bulk pharmaceutical chemicals.
For example, based on what said above, D Ribose Wholesale nowadays is becoming the most widely used pharmaceutical intermediates while its price is very reasonable. Besides, Mannatide, which is widely used in lung cancer, breast cancer, gastric cancer, esophagus cancer, leukemia, aleukia and other serious diseases are also produced in bulk while provided at reasonable price so that most suffers can afford.
I am confident with constantly improving science and technology and powerful national strength, China will without any doubt be more successful in Pharmaceutical Intermediates and make sure more people enjoy a healthy life.