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Some Unique Advantages With Graphite


Some Unique Advantages With Graphite2014-03-21
Speaking of graphite, most of us must be familiar with it. The graphite also has some advantages, so that we can make good use of it
We can take the graphite as refractory material. That is because the graphite and its products not only have characteristic of high temperature resistant, but also have characteristic of high strength.
As a result, the graphite is used in metallurgical industry. In metallurgical industry, the graphite is used to make graphite crucible. However, when we compare the graphite crucible price with the price of other crucible, the graphite crucible price is much higher than the price of other crucible. But the graphite crucible has a much longer service life. And in the field of steelmaking, we take the graphite as the protective agent for steel ingotlining . The graphite can also be used for lining in the <strong>m</strong>etallurgical furnace. For example, we can take graphite brick as the lining for metallurgical furnace.
What's more, the graphite also can be used as conductive material. For exampe, we can use the graphite in the electrical industry. We can make electrode, carbon, carbon nanotubes, brush, positive pole, mercury positive flow regulator, graphite gasket, telephone parts and coating for the television picture tube. And it is the best idea for us to make them by using graphite.
In addition, the graphite also can be used as wear-resistant lubricating material. We can take the graphite as the lubricant in the mechanical industry. Generally speaking, we can not use the lubricating oil in some special situations. These special situations are included the high speed situation, high temperature situation and high pressure condition. As a matter of fact, not only the graphite abrasion resistant material can work without lubricating oil when the temperature is between two hundred degrees and twenty hundred degrees, but also the graphite abrasion resistant material can work without lubricating oil even when the sliding speed is very high.
Because the graphite is used as wear-resistant lubricating material. The graphite is widely applied to make the equipment for transporting corrosive media. With the graphite material, we can make piston cup, graphite seal, and the bearing. In addition, It is not necessary for us to add lubricating oil while operating. What's more, graphite emulsion is also a kind of good lubrication in metal processing. Such kind of metal processings are included wire drawing and slide.
Besides, because graphite is with good chemical stability. It also can be used to make thermal conductivity low permeability, graphite heat exchanger is a good example.