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Graphite to Be Introduced in the Semiconductor Market


Graphite to Be Introduced in the Semiconductor Market2014-04-04

Graphite is a kind of mineral that is usually produced in metamorphic rock, which was formed by coal or carbonaceous rocks with regional metamorphism and magmatic intrusion. We provide high quality of graphite products that are in the semiconductor market, which is suitable for various industries. Such as the continuous casting, Fine grained graphite, Aluminum and non-ferrous metals, Car, Marine Technology, Iron and steel industry, chemical industry and the Solar Industry so on. This is fine grained graphite tip for you to choose the Learn more about medium grained graphite now, you will find our medium size of graphite is in great quality and price. The graphite will be generalized detailedly in this article.
There are some morphological characteristics about graphite. Graphite is soft, black and gray. It has greasy feeling, which can pollute the paper. It can conduct electricity and heat conduction. There isn't pure graphite in the nature, which often contains SiO2, Al2O3, FeO, CaO, P2O5, CuO and other impurities. These impurities often take the form of quartz, pyrite, carbonate and other minerals. In addition, there are water, asphalt, CO2, H2, CH4 and N2 gas. So for the analysis of graphite, in addition to the determination of the fixed carbon content, which must also determine the content of volatile matter and ash content at the same time. So there is a kind of graphite called Graphene Oxide Dispersion. Graphite has the following special properties because of its special structure. Firstly, It has the high temperature resistance, which melting point is about 3850 ℃, boiling point is 4250 ℃, weight loss and thermal expansion coefficient is small even by the ultra high temperature arc ignition. Secondly, It has conductive and thermal conductivity, which conductivity is 100 times higher than normal nonmetalliferous ore. Thermal conductivity is over than steel, iron, lead and other metal materials. Thirdly, Graphite's lubrication performance depends on the size of the graphite flake, the greater flake so as to make the friction coefficient that is smaller and better performance of lubrication. Fourthly, Graphite has good chemical stability at room temperature, which has the resistance of acid, alkali and organic solvent.
There are the following main application about graphite. Firstly, It is used for refractory materials. Graphite and its products have properties of high temperature resistant, high strength, which is mainly used in manufacture of graphite crucible in metallurgical industry. In the market, graphite crucible price is a little high because of the good quality. The graphite is commonly used in steelmaking for ingot protectant and the lining of metallurgical furnace. Secondly, It regards as conductive material, which is used for manufacturing the electrodes, brush, Graphite Dies, Graphite Brick, the carbon rods, carbon tubes, Graphite Rotor, graphite gaskets, the telephone and television tube coating so on in the electrical industry. Thirdly, Graphite is usually as a lubricant in mechanical industry. Many equipments transport the corrosive medium, which is widely used the graphite material to make the piston cup, Graphite Seal and bearing. They don't need to add lubricating oil during operation. Fourthly, Graphite has good chemical stability. Through the special processing of the graphite, which has advantages of good corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, low permeability. So it is a large number of used in Graphite Heat Exchanger, reaction tank, condensation, burning tower, absorption tower, cooler, heater, filter and pump equipment.