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Global Semiconductor Industry is Recovering


Global Semiconductor Industry is Recovering2014-06-13
Upstream semiconductor industry of 2012 maintains growth momentum. In global semiconductor

industry, Taiwan occupies an important position in IC design, IC manufacturing and IC

packaging and test.

Global economic situation of 2012 is still weak, three economies Europe, America and

Chinese mainland remains a downturn of economic situation, consumer demand continues to

slump, and the seemingly warmed US market recently shows a retreated trend, electronic

consumer market turns to low-cost consumption. Chinese mainland that is always regarded as

the main growing market of world constantly downs economic growth rate (GDP), and

International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecasted the GDP of Chinese mainland only to be 8% this


Good growth rate will reach double-digit.
In the situation of global overall economy facing the attack of various factors, Topology

Research Institute said terminal brand consumption manufacturers (such as HTC) would become

the turkey in the tornado, suffering the largest attack. The midstream foundry and assembly

industries relying on economic situation would be greatly influenced. Only those

semiconductor industries that always emphasized high-end technology to lead market may

suffer the least attack.

Especially under the drive of mounting demand of global smart phone and UItrabook, the

upstream semiconductor industry would remain growing momentum. In the second half of 2012,

IC design industry would achieve a double-digit growth rate. IC manufacturing growth rate

had the inclination to reach double-digit; IC packaging and test also would maintain a

positive growth trend.

International research and consultants Gartner claimed global semiconductor industry has

begun to recover. Global semiconductor revenue in 2011 reached $306.8 billion, up by 5.4

billion dollars with a rate of 1.8%, Gartner said, global semiconductor turnover of 2012

expected to reach 316 billion dollars, a 4% increase over 2011, 1.8% higher than 2.2%

annual growth rate predicted in the forth quarter of 2011. The semiconductor industry

inventory revision has finished in Q1, wafer utilization began to go back after reaching

the bottom, therefore, in other words, semiconductor industry situation were in gradually

recovering. Bryan Lewis, vice president of Gartner research said, 2012 would be a robust

year for semiconductor, if the overall economic situation could get control, for example,

European debt crisis getting control, the tensions between Iran and Israel achieving

relieve, Chinese economy stably growing.

 Mobile equipment contributes to revenue.
As for the overall semiconductor market development trend, Gartner thought, media tablet

output of 2012 expected to increase 78% than that of 2011, contributing $9.5 billion to

semiconductor turnover. And the quad-core processors and high-resolution display would be

the key components of 2012 media tablet mainstream, and also an important product field of

IC development in the future. PC products whose growth rate was slowdown, expected to have

an increase of 4.7% of output in 2012, the contribution to semiconductor operating income

would reach 57.8 billion dollars.